10 Best Classic Christmas Movies You Should Definitely Watch (part 2)



  1. Babes in Toyland, 1961

Babes In Toyland is the first live-action musical of Walt Disney. The film is taken from Victor Herbert’s operetta of the same name. It strings together Mother Goose’s coterie like Tom, the Piper’s Son; Little Bo Peep; Mary, Quite Contrary.

The film tells the story of evil landlord Barnaby (starred by Ray Bolger) who is out to eliminate Tom (starred by Tommy Sands) to marry Mary (starred by Annette Funnicello). Tom is taken to the land of no return and supposedly killed. However, the henchmen of Barnaby sell Tom to the gypsies and pretend to have killed him in order to pocket the money. Then, Tom and Mary come to the aid of a kind toymaker who loses his shop due to an explosion while Barnaby faces off for a fight against the army of wooden soldiers.

  1. Remember the Night, 1940

Barbara Stanwyck stars in another Chrismas movie, Remember the Night, but it may be not quite up to your expectation.

With a mixture of romance, humor, and sentimentality, this comedy shows the romance between the New York district attorney (starred by Fred MacMurray) and the shoplifter (starred by Barbara Stanwyck), whom he must prosecute. The situation begins near Christmas time when she is arrested for lifting from a posh New York store. Because the holiday is coming, the judge decides to cancel the case until after the New Year and leave her alone in jail.

The attorney, who was assigned to prosecute her, learns that she comes from his home state. Therefore, he takes her to her mother’s house. However, her mother rejects her so he has to take her home with him. There, she is warmly welcomed by his mother and family and she is moved by the love and happiness she feels in his home. Though her love extends to the attorney, she doesn’t show it. She eventually decides whether to stay and face the music or jump bail and escape.

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