10 Best Classic Christmas Movies You Should Definitely Watch (part 3)


It Happened on Fifth Avenue, 1947

In this movie, Don DeFore plays the role of a drifting war veteran, who finds himself squatting in a well-appointed townhouse on Fifth Avenue of the world’s second richest man, an out-of-town mogul. His presence is unnoticed until the daughter of the owner (by charming Gale Storm) shows up unannounced.

The Bishop’s Wife, 1947

Before there was Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston’s 1996 movie The Preacher’s Wife, there was Cary Grant and Loretta Young’s 1947 The Bishop’s Wife. Cary Grant plays the role of a Christmas angel sent from the heaven to the aid of a bishop, who is trying to build a new church, and attempts to repair his fractured marriage with some celestial guidance. The heavenly angel performs a lot of miracles on his behalf to restore hope to all.

Holiday Inn, 1942

Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, and Marjorie Reynolds make Christmas become magic in this Irving Berlin musical which debuted his hit White Christmas. The film tells the story of a love triangle between the trio, who are members of a musical performance group. (Caution: The original version contains a highly problematic scene which uses blackface; the version you watch today has been rightfully censored.)

Holiday Affair, 1949

Holiday Affair is another romantic Christmas tale of a shoplifting distressed woman – this time, a war widow and single mother starred by Janet Leigh. The sales clerk, starred by Robert Mitchum, can’t turn her in and is held responsible. Because it’s Christmas, they two fall in love with each other.

White Christmas, 1954

There is another can’t-miss Christmas musical with Bing Crosby, White Christmas. The movie also stars Vera-Ellen, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney (aunt of George!) in a feather-filled and colorful musical extravaganza which you can watch for the costumes alone.


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