8 Easy Lessons Criminals Could Learn From Watching Cop Shows

Criminals could learn a lot from watching cop shows.  They could learn about police procedures, how trials are conducted, and how criminals get caught.  Here are 8 easy lessons that criminals could, for better or for worse, learn from cop shows.

Criminals Turn On Other Criminals

You always see one criminal ratting out another to get a shorter sentence or to avoid any jail time.  Cutting a deal is a popular theme on these shows and it is understandable.  There is no honor among thieves.

Cops Can Bluff

Cops do not always know as much as they act like they do.  Sometimes they just try to give criminals enough rope to hang themselves.  Of course, knowing when cops have enough to put someone away and when they do not is not an easy thing to determine.

Proof Is Necessary

For search warrants and for convictions, proof is necessary.  If there is no convincing evidence that a criminal committed a particular crime then they will most likely get away with it.

Miranda Rights

You hear these recited on television all the time thanks to these cop shows.  Criminals should know these basic rights before they have a chance to hear them in person.

All The Other Rights

Aside from those basic rights, everyone has rights as they go through the legal system.  Watching enough cop shows can show criminals just what officers of the law can and cannot do.  Thanks to all these cop shows, criminals are more likely to know just what their rights are.

DNA Is Definite

DNA can be found in many forms and is hard to deny.  Unless a person’s DNA should be in a certain place for another reason, DNA evidence ties a person to a scene of a crime.  While many forms of evidence can be circumstantial, DNA is concrete and is often a form of irrefutable evidence.

Evidence Comes In Countless Forms

If you have ever watched a few cop shows then you realize that evidence comes in many forms.  There could be DNA, fingerprints, soil samples, insects, witnesses, videos, and even physical evidence forever marked into the body of a victim or accomplice.  Criminals can be found out without the most obvious forms of evidence.  With all that can be used as evidence, it can be difficult to avoid leaving any evidence at all.

Criminals Get Caught

This is one thing that criminals should learn from cop shows.  Criminals get caught.  Not all criminals get caught but many of them do.  The ones that get away often have special circumstances, loopholes, or just plain old dumb luck.  Without one of these on your side, if you are a criminal then you are likely to get caught.

These are 8 easy lessons that criminals could learn from cop shows.  You might worry the cop shows will show criminals how to work the system but outsmarting those whose job it is to solve crimes is not as easy as watching a few episodes of a crime drama.  Maybe that is the lesson that criminals should learn first.

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