Breitling Replica Watches

Some of the famous collections by Breitling include the Navitimer, Aviator, Sports Divers, Fighter, Crosswind , etc. Breitling watches are is a way that is tailor made to a particular group of professional people. They have a large fan following all over the world and are preferred by the rich and famous. Their high price may be a constricting factor for many. Breitling replicas can solve this problem by enabling you to wear them at less than half the original’s cost. Breitling replicas are available in a lot of diverse designs and colour combinations. Some of them have been listed below:

1) Breitling For Bentley Motors is a recent model which is very different in its design. It is available for around a hundred dollars. This watch model represents technical superiority and exquisite craftsmanship. The replica is made with the same material as that used in the original watch. The watch dial is orange in colour and is surrounded by a silver coloured bezel. There are three additional sub dials performing a variety of functions. There is a leather strap which is very convenient.

2) Breitling For Bentley GT Chronograph Automatic consists of a white watch face surrounded by a golden bezel. The golden is shiny and superb which adds to the timeless quality of the watch design. This Breitling watch replica consists of a brown coloured leather strap which settles very comfortably on your wrist. The watch markings and hands are black in colour. The case is made up of stainless steel and the glass is made up of a special mineralised crystal which protects it from damage and possible scratches that may occur if it falls. This watch model is water resistant and can be used while swimming and even when it rains. It measures forty nine millimetres.