Childless Millennials at Disney World


Childless Millennials at Disney World is a recently hot phrase that refers to the reaction to an anonymous Facebook by a mother who has complained about millennials at the Walt Disney World theme park in Florida, the USA.

Although Disneyland is considered as the happiest places on earth, its theme parks have become a lightning rod for profoundly unhappy people who are airing their opinions on what millennials can and cannot do.

There was a viral Facebook post from an unhinged mother railing against childless millennials that had been taking up space at the Walt Disney World theme park, in which she accused the strangers of being pretzel-buying sluts who should cede their attendance at the theme park to parents with their children. Then there was a New York Post’s article which associated Disney park trips with millennial immaturity, saying that childless attendees at the park have “an unhealthy relationship” with the House of Mouse.

Here’s the thing although, about childless millennials that are going to Disney theme parks. Those parks are actually designed for them.

For all the puffing and huffing about how Disneyland and Disney World are family parks, both institutions, as well as their overseas counterparts, have done a lot of work to draw in the childless millennial demographic. Look at the release of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or Pandora -The World of Avatar, and all presently planned Disney expansions like a Marvel park to realize that young adults who have no parental responsibilities have become one of Disney’s target demographics.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is notable not only for its app-driven, immersive roleplay storyline but also for Oga’s Cantina, which is the first establishment to serve alcohol in Disneyland proper. Before that, the only way for adults to enjoy alcohol responsibly at Disneyland was to go to California Adventure and then return to the main park.

Moreover, the roleplay aspect of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge precludes young children from the most interesting elements of the park. The Play Disney Parks mobile app, which allows guests to influence the First Order or the presence of Resistance on the ground, is geared towards those that have a clearer understanding of Star Wars and the fantasy politics.

Mean mothers and superior columnists can write what they want, but when it comes to collecting those millennial dollars, Disneyland and Disney World know what they’re doing. So hate the Disney game, don’t hate the Disney player.

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