Top 3 casino movies of all-time

The movie industry has long held a fascination for casinos, with the glitz and glamour of the establishments providing the perfect canvas for film makers to work their magic. The boom in popularity of online casinos has left Hollywood turning to a tried-and-trusted formula time and again, with movies like …

The funniest names of sporting events

Tropical Smoothie Cafe announced on Thursday that the new title sponsor of the Frisco Bowl will become the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl. The tournament is scheduled for Dec. 20 in Frisco, Texas. There are some sporting events or tournaments to take on a funny name in recent years. Here …

Childless Millennials at Disney World

Childless Millennials at Disney World is a recently hot phrase that refers to the reaction to an anonymous Facebook by a mother who has complained about millennials at the Walt Disney World theme park in Florida, the USA. Although Disneyland is considered as the happiest places on earth, its theme …