Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino



Quentin Tarantino was a six-year-old boy living in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969 when the hell broke loose. You may have known this story: five people were murdered that August, shot and stabbed by a hippie clan in anticipation of Helter Skelter, Charles Manson’s idea of a holy terror. The murder is a tale of Hollywood – not only due to it’s the most famous victim, Sharon Tate (who was a pregnant actress, director Roman Polanski’s wife, which set the terror square in the back lot’s backyard) but also for the bigger reasons. For Hollywood, it was not just an event but was an era. It was not just a spot on a timeline but was a lifestyle, a widespread obsession.  

The city of Los Angeles is sprawl and so was the year 1969. And so is the product of Quentin Tarantino, whose last 3 movies were quite violent, however, full of playful excursions into history. All of them riff on the rough talkiness and deviant style of the Westerns Tarantino loves, even Inglourious Basterds, the Dirty Dozen-esque World War II picture, in which a mock-Tennessean, an American badasses motley troop Brad Pitt takes its grievances out on Nazi skulls.

Now, Quentin Tarantino is coming back but this time, with a Western of a different stripe: a Los Angeles old-school story of Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction, the city epic kind only a nostalgic of Tarantino’s peculiarity and it could really attempt to do justice. Once Upon a Time. . . in Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a faded TV Western star and Brad Pitt as his stunt double. The movie is really a throwback as its sand-battered title suggests. Not only for Los Angeles, sure, but also for Tarantino, who is bringing it home after traveling as far as the Shaolin Temple and the Third Reich.

This new movie of  Quentin Tarantino will be released on July 26, 2019.


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