Oprah Winfrey Wears Tight Hot Pink Dress at Premiere, Apologizes for Switzerland Racism Scandal


O my goodness! Oprah Winfrey stole the spotlight from just about everyone at the L.A. premiere of her new film The Butler on Monday Aug. 12, flaunting her curves in a tight, body-hugging, hot-pink dress, accented with shiny silver pumps on the red carpet.

The 59-year-old media mogul told reporters that she’s thrilled to be acting again. “It felt really good, but combined with all the other stuff I had to do, exhausting,” the one-time Oscar nominee said. “Exhausting.”

Cuba Gooding, Jr., one of her costar in the historical drama, said that “it was phenomenal” working with the icon. “She’s great. She can do it all, she really can. And she’s not afraid. That’s the biggest hurdle to overcome as an actor is fear and I think she has.”

Winfrey also addressed the controversy she stirred up last week after claiming she was subjected to racism at a store in Zurich, Switzerland — apologizing for what she said was a “blown up” incident. “I’m really sorry that it got blown up,” she said, according to the BBC. “I purposefully did not mention the name of the store. I’m sorry that I said it was Switzerland,” she added.

Winfrey had told Entertainment Tonight that a shopkeeper denied her service when she expressed interest in a $35,000 Tom Ford bag at Trois Pommes boutique.

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