Rachel Zoe’s Back to School Style Tip: Layering Is Key


Want your child to stand out like a celebrity tot on the playground at recess this fall? Take fashion cues from stylist Rachel Zoe and layer up your kiddos before sending them off to school. “Back to school to me is always about layers,” Zoe, 41, told Us Weekly at Old Navy’s Rockin’ Runway event in Santa Monica Aug. 3.

Some of Zoe’s musts for school-age style mavens? Denim shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, skirts and a variety of pants. “Just things you can layer and mix and match with,” says Zoe, whose multipurpose wardrobe suggestions also make it easier for mom to get out of the door in the morning.

Thinking back to her own school days in her native New Jersey, Zoe says she was an “overdressed” kid. “I didn’t go to a school with uniforms, so getting ready [for school] was a big thing for me. I laid my outfit out the night before and then changed it in the morning. It was the 80s and 90s: Too much hair, too much makeup. I was like 13 going on 30,” muses the stylist. “I loved school and getting ready for school!”

Though her clients — including Anne HathawayKate Hudson and others — are decidedly older, there is one young fashion superstar Zoe is eager to dress for fall: Her 2-year-old, Skyler! “It’s incredibly fun,” Zoe — currently expecting her second child — has said of dressing her son with Rodger Berman. “It’s like having a living doll. He loves getting dressed, which is really fun.”

As Skyler’s wardrobe grows, so does his vocabulary, Zoe tells Us of her toddler. “Every day is a milestone,” she beams. “Yesterday he said to me, ‘It’s a very windy day today, Mommy.’ I was like, ‘Really? Am I talking to a 25-year-old? Who am I talking to right now?’”

Says Zoe of her boy: “I am going to cry my eyes out every day when he goes to school.”

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