Songs from the 2020 Grammy nominees list (part 2)


‘Talk’- Khalid

In this collaboration with Disclosure, Talk has a funkier sound compared to previous songs Khalid has done. The song has a soft start with synth-pop beats gradually fading into the song. As the beat kicks in, the chorus of the song begins as Khalid sings about the fear of miscommunication during the start of a relationship that seems to be moving too fast for him.

 Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

‘Sucker’- Jonas Brothers

The reunion of the Jonas Brothers six years after they broke up accompanied the release of the single, Sucker. The upbeat track keeps listeners on their feet with a healthy blend of different guitar riffs and a catchy tune whistled after each chorus. Between the voices of Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas, the lyrics sung by all three talk about being infatuated with someone they become “the medicine and my pain” and “the tattoo inside my brain.”

Song of the Year

‘Lover’- Taylor Swift

The title track from Taylor Swift’s new album is one of three Grammy nominations that Swift is up for this year. The song is a musical love letter Swift writes to her metaphorical lover, gushing over the surrealness of a relationship.

‘Norman F***ing Rockwell’- Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album opens with the title track Norman F***ing Rockwell. In the song, Del Rey sings about being in an unfulfilling relationship but staying due to disinterest in trying to pursue something else.

‘Truth Hurts’- Lizzo

This sleeper hit has found its place on the list of award nominees. While the hit song was released in September 2017, it started to gain popularity after the song was included in a trend on TikTok and was featured in the 2019 Netflix romantic comedy film Someone Great. The song starts with a simple piano melody that loops throughout the whole song as Lizzo sings about putting the “sing in single.”

“Vibra Continente” – The anthem song of Copa America 2019

“Vibra Continente” – the anthem song of Copa America 2019 is written by Rafinha RSQ, Karol G, Leo Santana, and Ovy On the Drums. It is a mix of Latin swing with the sensuality of funk with the lyrics calling for the union of  South America to vibrate and enjoy …

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