Taylor Swift Has Been Hiding In Suitcases For Many Times To Evade Paparazzi


Being interviewed by Vogue newspaper, the male singer Zayn Malik confirmed Taylor Swift regularly travelled in the suitcase to advoid paparazzi.

In 7/2017, the community network was tumultuos about a photo which was doubted that Taylor Swift lied in the suitcase to slink off being paparazzi snap sneaks. However, Taylor Swift continually denied this action until the former member of One Direction music band – Zayn Malik exposed the truth in the interview with the Vogue page on 14/11.

“Swift goes anywhere in the world thanks to sit in the suitcase!”, Zayn confirmed the questionable that the 28 year-old female singer got rid of “big fan” with paparazzies so many times thanks to a large-size suitcase which is often carried by two or three guards next to her.

This doubtful photo about Swift sat in the suitcase was widely dispersed on the media on 18/7/2017. Splash is the first paper tossing a photograph taken in front of Swift’s house in Tricecca, New York, accompanied with a caption: “Swift is sitting in this suitcase”.

After that, the 28 years old singer’s representative denied the rumor. Facing with a huge pressure from Swift, Splash page must removed that photo and simultaneously apologized to the singing voice of Blank Space.

Actually, Swift is not the first star to the use the way sitting in suitcase to dodge paparazzi. In 3/2017, “The England’s nightingale” – Adele, on the way to the stage also hid herself in a large suitcase for guards to carry.

Because sitting too long in that case, the owner of a hit “Hello” filled with sweat before performances. “You know why I am sweaty? I can not reveal until the end of the program, you will laugh loudly”, Adele shared humorously.

At this time, Swift are going through many final performances of the tour around the world – Reputation Stadium. On 9/11/2018, Swift completed the night took place at the AT&T Stadium, Arlington in America. As Portal News paper notified, a 28 year-old singer earned over 310.8 USD after 47 nights of Reputation Stadium tour.

Swift passed Madonna who had been singer with the highest tour sales for 10 years. In the remainder 6 performances, Swift only needs to pocket 98 million USD to become the female vocalist who has the highest tour income of all time.

On rankings, Reputation Stadium is still behind Sticky & Sweet of Madonna which reaches the record grossing (407.7 million after 85 concerts).

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