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Are you a movie buff who is tired of spending money renting DVDs and purchasing theater tickets to catch the latest or even old favorite movies? You need not despair about the rising costs anymore. There is good news for you. Now you can save money and time and watch your favorite movies repeatedly at no extra cost, anywhere anytime. All you need is a computer and a high speed internet. Even if your computer has space for just one movie, do not fret. Copy that movie onto a CD or a DVD and you would have freed up space for another one.

There are number of websites which offer you movie downloads. Some offer free movie downloads and some charge you a one-time fee annually or per movie download. All you need to remember is that you should download movies from a legal website to avoid a lot of hassle for you. You would not have to edit movie downloads of all the unnecessary advertisements and also get a good quality audio and video. Not to forget, your free movie download will be legal and not considered piracy.

Once you have downloaded latest movies online you can either burn them to a DVD or a VCD format or even store them on your hard disk if you have space on it. You have software available online which allow you to rip the movie to a DVD or VCD format. The advantage of having the movie on a DVD format is that it can all be compressed on to just one DVD where as on a VCD you would need at least two CDs for the same movie download.

Another advantage that you get with legal websites is that your computer is protected against spyware and adware when you download movies from such websites. You will also not face the problem of editing frequent advertisements and irritating pop-ups which are sometimes part of movie downloads.

A good indicator of a legal website is a 24 hours customer service telephone number. There are certain websites which may actually charge you an upfront fee towards initial membership. Once you become a member in such websites, you can then download literally hundreds of movies for free for a lifetime. Technically you may say that these are paid for, but the per unit cost would be negligible if you consider the cost over a period.

Verify the format. The movie download should be supported by the media player on your computer. In case the movie format is different, look around in the website and you will find a compatible movie player to download too.

Free full movie downloads these days are very fast. All that you need to do is to click on the movies that you want to watch and then click. There are many free movie download websites that offer lifetime memberships if you want. A membership ensures that you get access to literally hundreds and thousands of movie downloads.

So are you all geared up and set to search and download all your favorite movies you have been looking for a long time? Then what are you waiting for start searching for the appropriate website and get downloading movies today.

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