A healthy lifestyle helps you have an extra decade free of disease

Healthy habits can forestall cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, study finds. Not smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation, exercising regularly, eating well, and maintaining a healthy weight are all good for you, but how good? In a new study of more than 100,000 people having four of these five above healthy …

Songs from the 2020 Grammy nominees list (part 2)

‘Talk’- Khalid In this collaboration with Disclosure, Talk has a funkier sound compared to previous songs Khalid has done. The song has a soft start with synth-pop beats gradually fading into the song. As the beat kicks in, the chorus of the song begins as Khalid sings about the fear …

The Right Foods For Your Sporty Lifestyle (part 2)

Jonny adds. “Some clubs have two or three matches in a week, often back-back, night after night. It is quite difficult, but you just need to be a bit more prepared, have your meals laid out.” Lots of players prefer not to eat a big dinner ahead of training, as …