The risk of infection when dating strangers


The epidemic makes many people feel lonely because they cannot date as usual. Some are willing to take the risk of infecting strangers overnight.

After months of suspending dating because the pandemic hinders meeting, Harrison Forman, a comedy producer living in New York (USA), feels so lonely that he takes risks.

Thanks to your introduction, the 28-year-old man got acquainted online with a woman living in the same city. To ensure safety before meeting, Forman poses many questions to the other party such as “Who are you living with? Do you wear a mask? Has the virus been tested yet?”.

After a bit of exchange, he feels confident and the two decide to interact in real life.

The two of them went for a walk, Forman invited the girl to his apartment in Manhattan. He had to lie to the guard so she could be allowed into the building.

Once inside Forman’s apartment, the masks were quickly removed. Likewise, the clothes of the two of them are the same.

Forman experiences a one-night affair quickly. The purpose of meeting and getting to know the other woman is only to relieve sexual needs during the epidemic, which makes most of them unable to date in a normal way as before.

“Even without feelings, we just need to find a feeling that hasn’t been experienced for months,” the man said.

Like Forman, many people are also looking for mates at this stage. Contrary to the belief that the plague will keep them from risking sex with strangers, one-night love affairs are still in full bloom.

This is more likely to happen with a single person isolated.

“We are in a special situation that we have never experienced before. I think we can hardly find anyone with long-term commitment at this time, ”admits Kris (44 years old, San Francisco).

Therefore, one-night love is Kris’s preferred choice at the moment. Thanks to the exposure test app, Kris knows you’ve only been meeting his dad for the past month.

Reassured about that, Kris agrees to date the new man.

When asked how to trust strangers, Kris asserted: “It’s all about the way and the content they respond. If they don’t have to think long and explain carefully, I will believe that the other party is telling the truth”

Martin Valderruten (25 years old, New York) is gay. Before, a familiar question before having sex was about the last time you went to a sexually transmitted infection.

Now, the photo’s question changes to “Have you isolated enough?”, “Is there a crowd gathering?”.

“Safety is the key to everything,” he said.

In addition, from quick one-night romances, many have turned to offer to be permanent sex partners during the epidemic. The key reason is still health safety.

Relationships with someone they’ve been in contact with or someone who’s good at quarantine are still more reassuring.

“Meeting like that while the virus is still creeping out is better than getting to know a new person each time,” said Ellis (23), a media manager in Montana.

Anna Muldoon, a former US government science policy adviser, who is studying infectious diseases at the University of Arizona, warned that one night is more likely to be a risk of spreading the disease from person to person.

“People need to consider carefully when agreeing to have sex with strangers at the time the virus spreads, even once,” said Muldoon.

Accordingly, even though couples avoid kissing, close physical contact still has the potential to spread strongly.

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