Timothee Chalamet appeared after breaking up his girlfriend


The young actor rode his bicycle down the street alone after the media reported that he had broken up with the beauty of the movie “Fast & Furious”.

On November 15, the Daily Mail posted a series of photos of star Timothee Chalamet spending some free time down the street after his film projects were suspended for Covid-19.

Appeared in New York, the actor wore comfortable, casual clothes. In the cold weather, the Dune star chose a fur coat to keep warm. The 25-year-old actor wears a mask to prevent disease.

According to the British newspaper, the movie star Call Me by Your Name is quite quiet during the walk. The star born in 1995 also wears a hat to avoid being disturbed. Only when he spotted the paparazzi did Chalamet smile and interact with the camera.

For many months, Timothee Chalamet has not appeared with girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez. News said it is possible that the child has broken up with his lover over 5 years old. “They have not been around since their salty trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,” the source said.

Fast & Furious movie stars avoid mentioning younger boyfriends. She shared a lot about single life after rumors of breaking up. Since the passionate kiss and some tangerines on the street, fans no longer see two stars publicly appear.

Recently, Chalamet reiterated his love affair with model Lily-Rose Depp. The Golden Globe nominated star said he was embarrassed to be suspected of using his daughter Johnny Depp’s feelings to PR film.

After breaking up with Lily-Rose, he said he regretted losing his girlfriend. Currently, Western media believe that the young actor has returned to a single life after two love affairs with famous beauties.

Chalamet is focusing on cinema now. He is busy with a science fiction project adapted from a novel by Frank Herbert. The 25-year-old actor is also preparing to film a biography of Bob Dylan. However, the project was delayed indefinitely because of the epidemic, according to Collider.

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