Top beautiful men hairstyles by 2020 (Part 2)


Shave close to the sides

If you are looking for a haircut that will help you look cool, then the shaved hairstyle on the sides and the center of the back claw will help you become cooler than ever.

Men’s hair tied in a ponytail

Men’s hairstyles bring a romantic style with a bit of art for men. If you work in an artistic environment or want to accentuate your style, then try the men’s hairstyles with ponytail.

Wavy bob hair

Not only women, men can really have a bob hair. You certainly know Johnny Depp, right? The Pirates of the Caribbean movie player has bob hair and looks manly with a beard, you know. Pieces of shoulder length will make you look more eccentric.

Beautiful male hair: Short undercut hairstyle

This year, many short male hairstyles appear very diverse, cool and trendy. Developing hair models with popular undercut models a while ago, is still an excellent role model and appearance. Men today have proven to be more concerned with appearance than in previous decades.

Men always try to follow the trends that are rolling. Undercut hairstyles are still the most popular today and one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles trends. This is because the undercut hairstyle is quite simple, simple, fresh and practical.

Beautiful male hair style: Short and neat

Short and neat hairstyles are the simplest if you’re lazy to think about your hairstyles in too much detail. If you want to try it, cut your hair as short as possible, leaving the tips of brush aside. To maximize this hairstyle, you can use Pomade to keep your hair neat and look even more handsome!

Shaved hair frosted pattern

Talking about fading hairstyles is very unique, because the lines on the hair can be a value of masculinity. Like football players who appear with fading hairstyles.

This hairstyle is a fading that forms a pattern. You can ask the captain to make a model according to your reference. It is better to create a model that is neither too complex nor too simple. Because if it’s too simple, your hairstyle will look like a tumor.

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