Top beautiful men hairstyles by 2020 (Part 3)


Beautiful male hair: Puffy undercut

Puffy undercut has a bulging feature on the head to form a crest. Your hair should be combed upwards, so the middle hair should be a little long. Compared to the back-brushed hairstyle, this hairstyle is somewhat more difficult to perform. Special procedures are needed to keep the hair up.

You can use a good model so that your hairstyle is not easily damaged. It is good that your hair is thick enough You can also use mousse which will make it more volume. The combination of mousse and pomade will enhance the beauty of this undercut.

Beautiful male hair style: Quiff

For those of you who want to look more masculine and cool, this short-haired man of this quiff can perfect the owner of the oval face. Because oval faces tend to last longer making quiff hairstyles easier to see. This hairstyle makes it easy to manage.

For the arrangement, you can use pomade or clay so that it can survive for a long time and not change its shape. You can use the quiff hairstyle on formal or casual occasions.

Modern pompadour

Pompadour men’s short hairstyle is very suitable for you with an oval face. Although the popularity of Pompadour’s haircut has begun to fade, some men who have used Pomade still apply this hairstyle. Haircuts like this one will give a masculine, trendy and present impression. Suitable for bearded faces or not, you will look cool when wearing a pompadour hairstyle.

Classic Pompadour Classic hairstyle

Pompadour’s classic hairstyle will never make you die in style. This male hairstyle is popular and has been used by nobles for a long time. There is a very thin and thick division of real, natural hair color and a firm brush, which will suit a serious man.

Short and pointed

This hairstyle was popular in the 1990s until the early 2000s. But, it seems that short and pointed models began to be used by many people in late 2019 and early 2020.

This hairstyle makes you look wild. Seen from the messy and tapered pieces at the top. Meanwhile, the sides and the back of the head are cut thinly.

Textured Fringe

Similar to quiff hair, the difference is that this hairstyle has front bangs. This hairstyle looks short at the edges with a fairly long hair and texture in the middle with a bit of bangs.

This Textured Fringe is highly recommended for those who have naturally curly or curly hair but are confused about which hairstyle to choose. In addition, a short cut on the side of the hair also makes the face look firmer and this is certainly very popular with women.

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