“Vibra Continente” – The anthem song of Copa America 2019


Vibra Continente” – the anthem song of Copa America 2019 is written by Rafinha RSQ, Karol G, Leo Santana, and Ovy On the Drums. It is a mix of Latin swing with the sensuality of funk with the lyrics calling for the union of  South America to vibrate and enjoy together, giving meaning to the movements of the ball and all countries in the continent. “Vibra Continente” is a song to get up, vibrate, and get involved.

Thiago Jannuzzi, the General Manager of the Local Organizing Committee of Copa America 2019, talked that this unprecedented meeting of Latin musicians will make all of the fans vibrate even more from the stands. He said that“The song is joyful and stresses the energy and the way in which the South American people vibrate, which was our goal from the beginning. The voices of Karol G and Léo Santana came together very well with the lyrics, the melody, which made the song perfect. And the video summarizes all the strength and unity of the South Americans, who will make the CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019 a vibrant and peaceful celebration”.

Besides the song itself, the music video, directed by Thiago Calviño, also appreciates the fans, transmitting the energy of music, joy, and admiration to football that joins people and countries. The concept aims to express the connection between people and football, which is illustrated by parties with people of all ethnicities, children playing ball, with a lot of music and dance, in a hot and cheerful atmosphere. The sacred temple of Brazilian and world football, The Maracaná Stadium, will also be on this stage.

The 46th edition of the oldest national team tournament in the world returns to Brazil after thirty years and is taking place in five host cities including Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, and São Paulo with 12 participating national teams. On the field, 9 FIFA World Cup titles have won as well as some of the world’s biggest soccer stars are competing in the cup.

Besides the ten member countries of the South American Football Confederation – CONMEBOL (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, and Venezuela), Japan and Qatar also participate as guests.

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