Victoria Beckham: How an Introvert transformed into the Most Fashionable Diva of the World


The sartorial evolution of Victoria Beckham has been one of the most fascinating and dramatic of our lifetime. Victoria Beckham finally gained the respect of the hard-to-please industry of fashion, but first she had to become Posh Spice in Spice Girls, then she had her solo career one that involved many hairstyles that were adored by fans, and finally she did achieve her lifelong goal and became both a successful fashion designer as well as businesswomen.

From 12-Year Old Model to Successful Designer

But it all started from when Victoria was an adorable 12-year old model that transformed years later into one of the most recognisable women of elegance. Shortly before Beckham split from the Spices to make her debut in modelling at the Fashion Week in London, she turned Julien MacDonald’s dress into a showstopper. Her fashion success went from hair extensions to sexy leather outfits and then into flirty slip dresses. She had the world at her feet once she introduced the sleek bob and at the wedding of Katie Holmes, she was the star photographers wanted to photograph, her choice in dress was dramatic, and the world’s gossip columns all agreed that she upstaged the bride.

Entire Collection of Dresses Becomes A Sell-Out

Victoria head to Dolce & Gabbana in Milan once her own dress collection became an instant sell-out at the Selfridges store and this time she wore one of her own designs in 2008. Another highlight was when the queen of style got the heads turned her way at the 2009 Elton John Oscar Party, again it was a fish-tailed black gown, her own design featured sculpted shoulders decorated with sequence.

Never Do Things Half Measure Go All the Way


If you can learn one thing from Victoria Beckham, then it is to never do things half measure. One of her most published photos is where she wears a Files Deacon corseted mini with OTJ boots, her makeup might not be everyone’s style, but she is completely dedicated to the style. Victoria and David Beckham reminded the world in 2013 of just how gorgeous they are as a couple, as they did the cover shoot for Vogue Paris. She did more for evening suits than any other designer and Victoria took tailoring to a whole new level when she deconstructed monochrome outfits and turned them into head-turning show-pieces. One of the super exciting launches were the VB eyewear collection, and she channels her inner geek as she posed for the US Glamour 2012 issue, which just goes to show when Victoria puts her mind to matter, she achieves in Characteristic-Style!

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