Who Are The Top Earners of Esports? (Part 1)

If you’re a gamer and love esports, you’ll definitely enjoy playing video games with your friends and watching some of the best players in the world play against each other.

Esports have been popular for many years now and some of the top teams are making a lot of money from the sport. For many, earning a place on a top esports team may be a dream, but for others it’s a reality.

In this post, we will list some of the top earning esports players in the world. These are not the top five of all time but a combination of the top names in different games. Read on to find out with us the brightest names that made the list.

Before we start looking at the top earners in the industry, we think we must first have a brief description of what esports is all about.

Of course, esports related to online fighting, competitive games is very popular in the community.

Tournaments are held annually with great prizes for the winner or team. Of course, this is a very tense battle between the teams that play to get the top spot. The work of each team member is very heavy and besides individual skills, it also requires smooth coordination.

Some esports tournaments have a combined prize pool of millions of dollars, and esports fans often watch these tournaments live or watch online streams.

Lee Sang-hyeok – Faker

Faker is considered one of the most famous and greatest esports players in history. Just 24 years old, he has won three League of Legends world championships, including one in his first season. His winnings are about $ 1.3 million, not to mention salary and other income from sponsorship deals.

For those who bet on esports, Faker is often a safe choice due to his success over the years, even though his T1 team did not qualify for this year’s Worlds.

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