Who Are The Top Earners of Esports? (Part 2)


Johan Sundstein – N0tail

This player is from Denmark and he has been at the top of Dota 2 for quite a long time. Last year, he became the highest-paid person in all esports when he won the International Championship for the second time.

Playing for some of the top teams added a huge amount to N0tail’s monthly income. Overall, he estimates that he’s made $ 6.9 million from bonuses under Esports Earnings.

Andreas HĂžjsleth – Xyp9x

For fans of the popular 18+ game Counter-Strike, Xyp9x will be a familiar name. This gamer is also Danish, and he has made a name for himself in the world of Counter-Strike. His team, Astralis, was noted as one of the greatest CSGO teams of all time just last year when they won their fourth Valve Major championship.

Admittedly, Xyp9x has played a part in making this team great by uniting the team with the ultimate in-game action in major tournaments. As a result, he made it into our list of the top earners. According to reports, he made about $ 1.8 million from playing Counter-Strike.

Ian Porter – C6

Ian Porter is from the United States and is one of the highest earning CoD players. Over the years, C6 (formerly known as Crimsix) has managed to stay close to the top of the charts in more than 30 Call of Duty tournaments. This makes him the COD player with the most number of prize wins in the game’s history.

His income is believed to be $ 1.1 million.

Kyle Giersdorf- Bugha

The last esports player on our list is one that is showing his dominance in the major leagues right now. Kyle Giersdorf, also known as Bugha, won the Fortnite World Cup in 2019 and has continued to dominate since then.

He may be a newcomer compared to other popular esports players, but he’s making a lot more money than newbies. According to reports and Esports Earnings, he made $ 3.1 million in bonuses, which makes him one of the most successful new players on our list.

It won’t be long until this number continues to increase as he enters the latest leagues.

Who Will Be Next?

We’re just covering some of the top earners in the industry – this isn’t all. There are others who also make quite a bit of money each year.

As the esports industry grows, we expect income to also increase as tournament awards and sponsorships begin to build. These players have proven their skills in some of the biggest leagues, but that hasn’t stopped new players from climbing up the rankings. It has happened before and can happen one or more times. Don’t miss the next big tournament and watch the top players and the rising stars of the future.

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