Why Should You Add More Color into Your Life?


In the off chance of you looking into your closet, you might notice that your clothes follow a similar colour scheme. In most cases, this is an unintentional thing, unless you’re a fan of dark or bright colours. It happens to everyone, some of us are more drawn to only going for particular colours when shopping without considering expanding the colours we wear on a day to day basis. Though, at times, the colours you decide to wear can easily impact how others view you, as well as how you view yourself.

As much as it may suck when you’re having a lazy day, what you wear truly does have an impact on how others will view you on a day to day basis. This is mainly because colour is heavily associated with your traits on a psychological level. If you read up on some novels, such as Angela Wright who has a few books on how your colour scheme can affect your work performance, you might notice a difference in wearing darker colours compared to lighter ones. Wright has it down to a science that if you manage to wear the right colour combinations, you can be seen as powerful, approachable, and confident – a combination that can benefit everyone at times.

Powerful and Serious

Black has always been a staple colour that’s been related to sleek, mysterious, and typical office wear. I mean, even when you’re going for an interview it’s more likely you’ll reach for a black suit or outfit rather than a bright and colourful one. To put it simply, while black may be associated with being dark – it is also associated with being sophisticated. It’s a colour that’ll make you look slimmer, confident, and serious. This is especially helpful if you are in a business setting.

All Eyes on Me

The colour of passion and catching attention is red. It shows that you are in touch with your emotions and you know how to be assertive in a smooth and calculated way. Plus, having people watch you walk into a red because of a popping red lipstick or outfit is a nice touch if you love being in the spotlight. While red is considered to be a bold colour, everyone needs some type of red in their closet. Whether it be a red dress, heels, or even a purse, it’s a statement colour that always works well.


White has always been associated with purity and being honest. In most cases, it gives off a sweet look and will most times work in your favour when asking for a raise or a favour. One of the most classic ways to wear this colour is by sorting a white button up shirt with a darker pair of pants as it creates the image of being gentle but not a pushover.


Pink is such a soft colour that you can’t help but to want to look at it and just admire it. This goes for ink clothing as well, since the colour is commonly associated with being light-hearted and youthful – it can be the perfect colour to wear as it can make you look more friendly as well as complement your skin tone.

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