X-men: Dark Phoenix, Review



Duration: 113 minutes

Director: Simon Kinberg

Actors: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence

Category: Action, adventure, fantasy

Opening: Jun 6, 2019

Dark Phoenix is the last film of the popular series X-Men of Fox before the company came to the same house with Disney. The average score on Rotten Tomatoes for this movie is only 22/100 points and many domestic review sites shows that the viewers felt disappointed. However, I think that it is really worth watching.

Dark Phoenix tells the story of the mutant Jean Gray who possesses superior psychic powers. She was brought to Professor Charles Xavier’s X-Men Academy when she was a small child. As doing a space rescue mission, she was accidentally possessed by a mysterious entity, since then her power reached the upper limit and couldn’t be controlled. Many complicated things happened to Jean, making her unaware of who she was in this world.

This is Jean’s own movie but still has all the characters of the X-men series. Many people said that Dark Phoenix was the ending for the X-Men series, but according to the story of the film, a brand new beginning might happen in the future.

The plot of this film is simple, sequential, and easy to understand. We also see where the power of Jean Gray comes from, how great and popular it is. These things makes the film more honest and easier to understand, although it combines both psychology and action.

The film has some rather urgent handling details and fast psychological changes. However, these things are acceptable and contribute to make the film more attractive because they fit and harmonize with the common tone of Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix has a lot of deep meanings, so it is worth for you to take your own tickets. According to me, this movie is best viewed on 2D screen.


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