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Five Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Increase Your Health (part 1)

In terms of your health, your lifestyle is much more dominant than your genes. It is always a perfect time to adopt new habits to improve your health. Here is a list of five healthy lifestyle changes that can have the most significant impact on your well-being, as well as …

Cancer doctors don’t focus on lifestyle risks

Cancer doctors only rarely advise patients on lifestyle changes which could improve the whole health and possibly reduce the risk of recurrence, according to a new survey. The survey of cancer specialists from a Midwestern health system showed that oncologists were much less likely than primary care physicians to give …

Top 3 casino movies of all-time

The movie industry has long held a fascination for casinos, with the glitz and glamour of the establishments providing the perfect canvas for film makers to work their magic. The boom in popularity of online casinos has left Hollywood turning to a tried-and-trusted formula time and again, with movies like …